About Us

Traction is a permanent equity firm based in Seattle, WA.

We look to acquire companies based in the Pacific Northwest where we think there are opportunities for long term growth.

How are we different? We are not a private equity group; we are not looking for companies that we can grow and then sell for a profit within 5 years. We want to own our companies for the next 20 years. 

Our Team


Dale Payne

Operating Partner

Dale works with management teams to identify growth opportunities, solve problems, and improve the internal systems that help our companies function efficiently.

Brian Image001

Brian Haynes

Investing Partner

Brian is responsible for investor communications, board participation and leads fundraising efforts for new opportunities. 


Justin Turner

Managing Partner

Justin is largely responsible for the firms new investment opportunities as well as assisting with the existing portfolio operations. 



Peter Bell

Vice President

Peter works across Traction’s portfolio, supporting company management teams, improving financial health, and driving strategic initiatives.

Leah Kloven

Senior Accounting Partner

Leah works across Traction’s portfolio, overseeing accounting teams, auditing, fund operations, human resources, and accounting related functions.

Jorge Espinosa Headshot

Jorge Espinosa


Jorge joined Traction in September 2023. As an associate, Jorge is responsible for assisting the team in portfolio company operations and evaluating new investment opportunities.